How to Walk Through the Valley with Your Head Held High

blog entrepreneurs influence leadership mandy b. anderson mindset personal leadership resilience Aug 30, 2021

"How do we walk a season that we know will not meet our expectations and still keep up the same momentum and drive as a season of gains would give us? Especially when also needing to cheer on and motivate others while feeling this way?"

This is the question that one of my lovely coaching clients asked me recently. It was a heartfelt question - the right kind of question, honestly - for any leader to ask.
Have you felt this way lately, too? Maybe your revenue is down or your employee morale is low. Maybe your personal finances have taken a plunge and money is tight because of the circumstances you find yourself in. Or maybe you are just not getting the wins you had hoped you would by now. People are counting on you to keep cheering them on while inside... you're drowning in worry, fear, and stress.
I've felt this way before. It's a sinking feeling.
So what did I tell this client?
Well, I told her that you must be vulnerable with those that you are leading and cheering on. Let them know the truth about the struggle. Share the challenges with them. And, if it is appropriate in a team environment, ask for any solutions that they see. This helps them take ownership of things and helps everyone discover new possibilities.
I reminded her that there is a purpose to the season of lack. Life is not only an uphill climb with everything always getting better. Hard times are there for a reason. You learn the best kind of lessons in the valley of despair. The mountain tops can't teach you the same lessons that a valley can. Embrace it and lean into it.
Finally, I commended her for working with me as a coach. Having someone to talk to that can challenge your thinking and give you guided action steps is an important part of growing through the lack.
What I really wish I would have known years ago though, is that you cultivate your resilience during the seasons of lack more than during the seasons of plenty. And since this client is a graduate of our She Cultivates Resilience Leadership Program, I reminded her of the principles she learned and how she was applying them even during our time together.
You see, resilience is your ability to recover or bounce back from the moments when life knocks you down. However, there are actually seven specific ways that you intentionally grow your resilience.

Do you know what they are?

It's time to learn them so you can apply them! Coach Raychel and I are going through these in the next She Cultivates Resilience Leadership Program for Women, happening September 21st. I invite you to join us for this 7-week program so you can finally hold your head up high when you go through the valley! There's nothing like the confidence that comes from knowing you are resilient and ready to grow through the valleys when they come. And they will always come.
Are you ready? Enrollment is open now so grab your spot at and let's work together for the rest of 2021!
Much love,
~Coach Mandy