How to Become a Resilient Multi-Dimensional Leader

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Years ago, I sat in a meeting where the leader spent a lot of time talking about the different hats we wore. He explained we have a work hat and a friend hat, and we must only wear one hat at a time. I think it was his futile attempt at building a healthier work environment but to me it sounded dumb. It set up this toxic mindset that we could get away with saying something mean or hurtful because we are wearing our work hat and the other person shouldn’t let work affect our friendship. Or vice versus. (In case you're curious, watching this play out in real life was a disaster- friendships are still broken to this day!) 

If I’ve learned anything since then it’s that there is no such thing as wearing one hat at a time. You are a multi-dimensional person! You are the same person out in the world as you are at home. Well. You should be. If you care about being a resilient leader and someone who walks with integrity.

As a coach I prefer to work on a holistic level with my clients because the problem is never just one thing.

It’s the reason we call RAYMA Team a LIFE and LEADERSHIP Coaching Company. Everything is connected! Your home life affects your work life. Your work life will affect your home life. For example, if you are in conflict with a toxic friend or family member- it will change your capacity to handle changes at work. And, if work is stressful, it will affect your family and relationships if you don’t know how to handle the increased stress in healthy ways. When you segment your life into “hats” you ignore the fact that every area of your affects every other area of your life.

Resilient: recovering readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyant. ( 

You don’t build resilience by segmenting your life because the ability to be resilient is needed in every area of your life. You must learn to refine your ability to adjust and recover readily from adversity and major life changes whether they happen in your personal or professional life. Your ability to lead, and lead well, depends on how resilient you are.

Becoming a resilient leader doesn’t just happen via osmosis. It happens from learning and then immediately activating what you are learning, so you know what to do every time new adversity comes your way. That’s how growth happens! That’s how you become a RESILIENT Multi-Dimensional leader!

It’s for this reason we now offer 7-week, hands-on, classes! And I’m so excited that our upcoming Leadership Program is on the RESILIENT module and I’m getting to teach some of my most favorite content! Inside this seven-week program, you'll discover - and immediately implement  - the seven leadership principles you need to embody to consistently step into the shoes of a resilient leader. Including:

Discover Your Purpose

Unveil the secrets to uncovering your true passion, purpose, and calling with a simple system that eliminates shame and confusion from the equation. 

Enhance Self-Awareness

Delve into the intricate workings of your mind (beyond the realm of personality tests) to uncover the thought patterns and emotions that have hindered your personal and professional growth.

Manage Stress Effectively

One of the leading causes of burnout is stress. Discover a simple, proven system to overcome the complexities of stress the moment it emerges. 

As you can see from just a few of the objectives of this program- we look at your life and your ability to bounce back from change and adversity from a holistic level! The skills you will learn increase your resilience in BOTH your personal and professional life.

The time is NOW for you to learn a deeper level of RESILIENCE than you already have. And, to learn what it take to become a Resilient Multi-Dimensional Leader. I believe in you, dear leader.  Let's work on this together!

Here's the link to find out details on the next class date AND get $300 OFF when you join the waitlist --->

with grace & grit, 

~Coach Raychel